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Eczema Relief Cream 60g Carton RGB HR-min – Pro Raw Gym

Eczema Relief Cream 60g Carton RGB HR-min

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With Chamomile Traditionally Used in Western Herbal Medicine to Soothe and Reduce Inflamed Skin in Mild Eczema



Our skin hosts many millions of bacteria per square centimeter, which form the microflora of the skin.1 Healthy, balanced skin microflora forms a microbial shield against undesirable micro-organisms, can help with dry skin conditions and improves the general health of the skin.1Eczema Relief features chamomile, used topically to soothe and relieve inflammatory skin conditions such as mild eczema, according to traditional western herbal medicine.2 Eczema Relief also includes licorice root used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve symptoms of mild eczema associated with an excess heat pattern,3 alongside iBiotics™ AU Lactobacillus brevis (DSM 17250) and lactoferrin.


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