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A scientific, personalized and planned approach to online nutrition is finally here.

Run by our accredited nutritionist Alannagh Pooley we believe our Nutrition Hub provides the most personalized approach to online nutrition plan selection on the market today. After filling in a simple questionnaire Alannagh will personally select the plan most suited to your goals, nutritional requirements, health and dietary considerations.

What You’ll Receive;

✓ Personalized Nutrition Plan

✓ Qualitative & Quantitative Tracking Sheet

✓ Supplement & Lifestyle Suggestions/Fact Sheets (based on your personal dietary choices/considerations – e.g. Veganism, PCOS etc.)

✓ Access to a private Facebook group with further information and idea’s to help you get the most out of your plan

✓ Our Nutrition Hub services can also be bundled with our programming services so if you are ready to take your health and fitness goals to a new level we are here and ready to help you!

Custom Macro Meals Tailored for YOU.

ProRaw Gym have partnered with Explosive Custom Macros to bring you the nutritional edge to your weight training and fitness journey.

Using your Macro Calculator above, send us or Explosive your results and lets us create, deliver and support your meal needs

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Alannagh Pooley

Alannagh Pooley | Nutritionist
Registered Nutritionist at Fullfitment Personal Training & Nutrition.
Education & Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Science Nutrition, Natural and Physical Sciences
  • ANTA Accredited Nutritionist
  • Cert IV Personal Training
Nutrition and fitness are truly my passion and in my 15 years in this incredible industry, I have been lucky enough to work with hundreds of amazing people demystifying and re-educating them on what “healthy” really is
Whether I’m working with elite athletes, new mums, people struggling with fat loss or those dealing with illness, through the power of good nutrition and exercise we are always able to take them to a new level of health and performance.
The influence good nutrition and fitness have is often underestimated and I love empowering people to take back control of their choices and create their own outcomes.
“Make health a priority, it’s the one thing you have the power to affect that will benefit every aspect of your life” Alannagh Pooley

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At PRORAW Gym, we continuously challenge ourselves to better the strength, fitness, and recovery capabilities of all our members – from novices to elite athletes – with a strong focus on passion, friendliness, and approachability.

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